Our Team

A quest for innovation and the desire to create lasting value for our clients and our global
community drives the Hedgehog team of expert engineers. We’re strategic in our thinking,
principled with our advice and thoughtful in our solutions. We build lasting relationships by
doing what’s right – for our clients, for their teams and for our staff.

Meet Hedgehog’s team of electrical engineering consultants:

Michael Wrinch

P.Eng.,PHD.,PMP, FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland), FEC, President

Mike is the founder of Hedgehog Technologies and a pioneer in contemporary project management and electrical engineering practices, Michael Wrinch is a Certified Professional Project Manager and Professional Electrical Engineer. Since establishing the company in 2001, he has guided its evolution to a multifaceted electrical engineering firm of skilled professionals covering a multitude of industries. Today, Hedgehog specializes in safety critical systems design of high-energy control, manufacturing and automation systems.

Michael integrates traditional strategies of risk management with modern technologies. His current focus is on developing safety critical systems. 

Justin Pezzin

P.Eng., B.Eng. Director of Sales and Marketing

Justin is leading the team’s marketing effort, customer relations and sales force.  He has a unique background in both engineering and business leadership.  He has over a decade of work with electric utilities and successful product development and innovation strategy experience.  With more than 15 years of front line Professional Engineering, customer success and project management experience, Justin brings a balanced dynamic to our Professional team. 

Younes Rashidi

P.Eng., FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland), M.A.Sc., Director of Engineering

Younes is an Electrical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in electrical and automation systems for the oil and gas and renewable energy industries. Younes has gained significant experience through design, implementation, installation, commissioning and supervision of multi-million dollar international projects. He designed one of the largest hybrid grid-tied solar power systems in BC for the City of Colwood, located on Vancouver Island. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Younes earned a Master’s degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering with specialization in renewable energies and energy efficiency from Simon Fraser University (SFU). In the course of his research at SFU he worked on a number of projects in the area of energy efficiency for industrial facilities. Younes is a certified ISO 9000 lead auditor.

Trevor Penner

P.Eng.(Elec.), FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland), B.Eng. Associate

Trevor is an Electrical Engineer with more than a decade of experience in design commissioning and project management. At Hedgehog, Trevor applies his diverse experience in numerous capacities, including designing control systems, supervising electrical contractors and managing construction contracts. Through his extensive North American and international experience he consistently proves his ability to not only provide qualified engineering expertise, but also to work within cultural and language barriers. His professional accomplishments include programming the SCADA control systems for the Vancouver, Canada Skytrain Millenium Line expansion for Bombardier, installation supervision and pre-commissioning of control systems for the Canada Line in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and supporting final commissioning of the EverLine in Seoul, Korea.

Matt Keeler

P.Eng. (Elec.), FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland), B.A.Sc., Electrical Engineer

Matt is an engineer with experience in high tech subsea solutions. He is a graduate from Simon Fraser University in Mechatronics Systems Engineering where he founded the unmanned aerial vehicle team. Matt has worked on systems in oil and gas including offshore sea trials, military submarine rescue, and seafloor networks. He has experience programming automation controllers and SCADA systems as well as system integration and testing for custom high reliability systems. At Hedgehog, he works on safety systems, energy management and automation support.

Serar Mikha

B.A.Sc., EIT (Elec.) Electrical Engineer

Serar is a graduate in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Regina. He brings a diverse set of skills to Hedgehog, including a working knowledge of controls and automation in the power and HVAC industries, experience with electrical design for mining applications as well as PLC programming and network design. In addition, Serar has an electronics background that includes working with micro-controllers and FPGAs. At Hedgehog, he works on remote community energy management and automation systems.

Amreen Grewal

B.A.Sc., (Elec.) Electrical Engineer and Quality Systems Lead

Amreen is an expert in national and international electrical design standards especially hazardous locations. With years of experience in evaluation and certification of CSA, UL, IEC, IECEx, ATEX and CE electrical products she brings a unique perspective to the team ensuring the final design will meet any local regulation. She is a graduate from University of Toronto in Electrical Engineering. At Hedgehog Technologies, she is currently involved in electrical design in explosive environments, control systems and DC power systems design.

Noor Salh

B.A.Sc., EIT (Elec.) Controls and Software Engineer

Noor is a System and Controls Engineer who has graduated from the University of Technology (Bagdad) and Ryerson University. She also has an Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma (In controls) from Seneca College with Honors. Noor has extensive experience in PLC programming on a multitude of different supplier platforms such as Omron and Rockwell. She also possesses specific experience on Instrumentation, SCADA and system controls for sewerage and storm water pumping stations, water treatment plants and HVAC manufacturing and automation. At Hedgehog, she works on programming automation for safety rated systems, HMI and systems control theory.

Oliver Wiart

B.A.Sc., EIT (Elec.) Electrical Engineer

Oliver is an electrical engineer with experience in communications, sensor systems and power distribution. He is a graduate from the University of British Columbia in Electrical Engineering. At Hedgehog Technologies, he is currently involved in energy systems management and design.

Dusan Milovanovic

B.A.Sc., EIT (Elec.) Electrical Engineer

Dusan is an electrical engineer with experience in PLC programming and power distribution and safety systems. He is a graduate from the University of British Columbia in Electrical Engineering. At Hedgehog Technologies, he is currently involved in DC power systems, rail design,  safety systems and substation design.

Jarred Richter

Dipl Tech (Elec), Electrical Technologist

Jarred is an Electrical Technologist with experience in manufacturing and power distribution. He is a graduate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Power and Industrial Control Option. Jarred has experience in the construction and manufacturing fields as an Electrician. At Hedgehog Technologies, he is currently involved in building, testing and commissioning of electrical control and equipment.

Babak Vishka

P.Eng., B.Sc., Electrical Engineer

Babak is an Electrical Engineer who received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Shiraz University, Iran, in 2006. He has been working as an electrical engineer in mining, oil & gas, steam plants, manufacturing facilities, and hydroelectric generating plants. He has worked internationally under the supervision of GE Canada, ABB, Alstom and Andritz Hydro as a design consultant and construction supervisor. He works with programming tools of industrial control systems including but not limited to SIEMENS and Rockwell Automation. He has a standardized certificate of competency to operate and maintain industrial power equipment, such as boilers, steam/gas turbines, generators, internal combustion engines, pumps, refrigeration systems, condensers, compressors, pressure vessels and their auxiliary equipment.

Janesa Charles

MM, B.Sc. (Econ) , Accounts and Office Manager

Janesa is a Economics graduate from the University of the West Indies with a Masters of Management from the University of Windsor. Through a diversity of industry experience Janesa has earned extensive skills in accounting, negotiation and relationship management. As the Accounting Manager at Hedgehog Technologies she manages the company’s financials, forecasting as well as all aspects of payables and receivables management.

Amir Khamseh

B.A.Sc.(Mechatronics), Controls and Software Engineer

Amir graduated from the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada in Mechatronic Systems Engineering specializing in controls and automation. Amir has both commissioning and design experience in motion control for welding robotics, industrial equipment, and vision systems. He is experienced working with safety PLCs and safe rated systems including Rockwell, Fanuc and ABB, Omron and Siemens. 

Vadim Bredis

B.A.Sc.(Electro-Mechanical), Electrical Technologist and Electrician

Vadim is a graduate in automation and control engineering systems. He is a registered electrician and a field technologist. He has experience tuning protection relays, in site risk assessments and working with low medium and high voltage systems up to 138kV. Most recently he has designed and built  control panels for industrial and marine environments. 

Alex Wiecke

B.A.Sc.(Electrical), EIT

Alex graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in Electrical  Engineering and graduated on the Dean’s Honor list. Alex is experienced in embedded systems, energy delivery and renewable energy and has worked in satellite development. He is currently part of the renewable and advanced energy delivery team.   

Collin Doherty

B.A.Sc.(Electrical), Electrical Engineer

Collin graduated from University College Cork, Ireland with a first class honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has designed and commissioned brewery control systems, wind farm substations up to 100 MW and Gas Turbine waste heat Boilers. His capabilities span between control and electrical design for renewable energy systems, industrial and explosive environments.

Bruce Yazdani

B.A.Sc.(Computer Software) and Electrician

Bruce is a Computer Software Engineer who received a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from IAU University, Iran, in 2006. He is a registered electrician and Instrumentation Tech and he has been working as an automation engineer in petrochemicals, mining, power generation plants, and manufacturing facilities. He has worked internationally under the supervision of Siemens Germany, ABB Italy, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solution as a commissioning engineer. He works with DCS and PLC programming tools of industrial control systems such as Yokogawa CS 3000, VP and DELTA V , SIEMENS and Rockwell Automation. He has commissioned Steam Turbine up to 40MW and GE Gas Turbine HRSG up to 250MW. Bruce is a certified RSO(Radiation Safety Officer). He is currently designing and programming safety critical control and assembly support.

Muhammad Vellani

B.Eng. (Electrical), M.Eng., Electrical Engineer

Muhammad is an electrical engineer who received his first degree in electronics engineering from Karachi, Pakistan. He then worked for Pakistan’s National Space Agency for three years. He then came to Canada to complete his Masters in electrical engineering from Simon Fraser University. He has advanced experience in controls and automation and in digital signal processing including Image processing and video analytics. He most recently worked on developing a smart multi-device SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for utility meter monitoring applications.

Ian Furnival

CAPM, AScT, Manufacturing Coordinator

Ian has over 20 years of electrical controls and panel construction experience. He has an Inter-provincial Journeyman Electrical Ticket and has worked in coordinating and managing electrical construction. He is a Certified Associate in Project Management and coordinates Hedgehog’s manufacturing and quality.