Michael Wrinch Founder of Hedgehog Technologies

Engineering Oversight: Are You Responsible?

In the March/April edition of innovation, APEG-BC’s official magazine, association president and Hedgehog principal Dr. Michael Wrinch shared his thoughts regarding an engineering oversight outlined in a report. 

Microgrid Designs Can Be More

Sound microgrid designs can encompasses small power grids operating independently (islanded) or in conjunction with the main power system.

Case Study: Safety-first Electrical Solution for Explosive CNG on Remote Supply Route

With safety-first a priority, we designed and implemented electrical instrumentation for a highly explosive CNG.

It’s March: National Engineering Month

What Ann English, P.Eng., CEO of APEGBC has to say about professional engineers in her commentary about National Engineering Month.
Battery storage concept

The Rise of Microgrid Projects: From Remote Communities to New York

Our work with microgrid projects has primarily been in improving reliability of remote communities across Canada.
autonomous car graphic

Engineering Safety: Our Regulatory Duty

In the January/February edition of Innovation Magazine, president of Hedgehog, Michael Wrinch offered his thoughts on engineering safety.

Engineering Professionals: Collaboration and Common Goals

Michael Wrinch, founder of Hedgehog Technologies and president of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC offers his thoughts on the role engineering professionals play in our greater communities.
Hartley Bay

Smart Microgrid Helped Reduce Energy Use By 15% In Remote BC Community

An innovative smart microgrid was introduced to Hartley Bay with the goal of helping achieve the Gitga’at First Nations energy vision.