Hedgehog webinar interview

Erin Martin-Serrano Joins DreamCode Studios for an Interview on Niche Webinar Marketing

Erin Martin-Serrano, on building your industry expertise through niche marketing initiatives such as webinars. 
Contact Voltage Street Light

How Heat Maps Can Mitigate The Risk of Contact Voltage In Electrified Public Infrastructure

Street lights have experienced criticism due to faulty electrical protection and insufficient supervision which can lead to contact voltage.

Hedgehog Events Roundup – May/June

We compiled a list of events to keep you well-informed of what Hedgehog is up to in our community with the events roundup.
Reddit AMA Hedgehog

Reddit AMA—Dr. Michael Wrinch Will Be Answering Your Questions on May 27th

Dr. Michael Wrinch is taking questions from the Reddit AMA community and beyond on May 27th at 9:00 AM (PST).

Hedgehog Discusses Functional Safety With Canadian Consulting Engineers

Today, Canadian Consulting Engineer published an article written by two of our senior functional safety engineers on the importance of documentation.
IT vs. OT

Will PLCs (OT) Follow The Server Virtualization Trend From IT?

Imagine an industrial plant that operates through the cloud and other methods such as server virtualization.

Hedgehog Attended The New Mobility Forum Hosted by TransLink Tomorrow

The New Mobility Forum discussed how advancement of urban mobility is opening the doors for smarter, more connected cities but it doesn’t come without challenges.

Hedgehog Founder Michael Wrinch is Featured in BC Business Magazine

Check out the December issue of BC Business featuring our founder Michael Wrinch as he dives into the meticulous process of cheese-making.

5 Takeaways from IAAPA Attractions Expo 2019

We're wrapping up at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2019 in Orlando, Florida and it’s safe to say that the attractions industry is not slowing down.

Hedgehog’s Amreen Grewal Discusses International Codes and Standards with Consulting-Specifying Engineer

Our compliance expert Amreen Grewal shared her insights on navigating international codes and standards with Consulting-Specifying Engineer.