Hedgehog Technologies 20th Anniversary – Message from the CEO

Looking back, I don’t know how my mother convinced the TV repair shop to deliver all the defective televisions and electronics at the end of our driveway in Kamloops, but it was a good move.

Business of Good Awards Select Hedgehog Technologies as Finalist for Thought Leadership Category

For the second year in a row, Hedgehog has been named as finalist for the Business of Good awards hosted by BCBusiness.

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Director of Business Development Erin Martin-Serrano highlights the importance of making data-driven decisions for small businesses.

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Hedgehog Technologies Announces New Vice President of Engineering Operations

Hedgehog Technologies, a leader in designing complex electrical systems for innovative projects, is pleased to announce the appointment of Younes Rashidi to Vice President of Engineering Operations.
Michael Wrinch Founder of Hedgehog Technologies

CEO Michael Wrinch Shares Five Electrical Engineering Trends for 2021 with Canadian Electrical Wholesaler

Founder and CEO Michael Wrinch outlined his predictions for the incoming electrical engineering trends that are going to shape 2021 on Canadian Electrical Wholesaler.

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Ali Syed shared his insights on the changes required to modernize the transportation sector as new EV solutions are creating more opportunities for long-range payload deliveries.