Technology Snapshot: Battery Types & Performance

Energy storage technologies such as electro-chemical batteries are some of the most watched innovations in the world.

Electrical Codes and Standards: some tips to reduce cost risk on international projects

Codes and standards ensure that materials, products, processes and services are safe and fit for their intended purpose.

Okanagan Indian Band exploring solar power

Exploring solar energy to enhance community power is the focus of a new energy plan being developed by the Okanagan Indian Band.

Regulating energy reserves; a performance assessment

Michael Wrinch and Mark Phillips-Dubois both of Hedgehog, co-authored a recently published technical report for the National Research Council of Canada and the Alberta Electric System Operator. This report presented findings from their study of the regulating reserves in Alberta.

Microgrid implementation set to rise: from remote communities to New York

Our work with microgrid projects has primarily been in remote communities to solve community energy efficiency  challenges and incorporating  demand management strategy.

Smart micro-grid helped reduce energy use by 15% in remote BC community

A new way of intelligent energy management was introduced to the First Nations village of Hartley Bay with the goal of helping achieve the Gitg’at First Nations Energy Vision: to be the greenest First Nations community in Canada.