About Us



To be a conduit of innovation around the globe.



To make complex visions a practical reality.



At Hedgehog Technologies we are accountable, collaborative, diverse and completely sustainable experts who think holistically and strive to create high impact outcomes for all our clients.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Hedgehog has delivered electrical engineering project management and design services for diverse clients – both local and global – in the amusements, industrial, marine, manufacturing, and energy sectors since 2001. At Hedgehog, we think like business people as often as we do engineers. That means we bring sound knowledge and strategic advice and work with you to make the best decisions for your business today – and tomorrow.

Hedgehog takes pride in how we collaborate with clients - as our partners. We manage our clients projects like they’re our own. We dig in deep to understand your business, how you operate, and what you value, so we can create the highest-impact solutions needed to protect and grow your company.  Download our Hedgehog Technologies Fact Sheet.